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At OPERLY, we believe in sharing our passion for sonic excellence with the world. By showcasing our products globally, we aim to inspire and delight discerning audiophiles everywhere, offering access to unparalleled sound experiences that transcend borders.


Hong Kong

August, 2023

It was a great pleasure to participate in the prestigious Hong Kong AV Show, showcasing our unique horn system to an enthusiastic audience of industry professionals and audio enthusiasts 

Milan, Italy

November, 2022

At the Milano High Fidelity show, we proudly unveiled our iconic horn audio system with updated drivers to the public for the first time, captivating attendees with its unparalleled sound quality


Munich, Germany

May, 2022

At the Munich High End Show, we debuted the updated design of our third-generation product, captivating audiences with its modernized look and enhanced features. This marked a significant milestone, showcasing our commitment to innovation in the audio industry

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